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Dear customers and Users, we have to enter a maintance periode on all our servers tomorrow to work on our load balancing. We will try to be as short offline as possible, starting around 4pm Berlin(-1) time on saturday 2014-04-10. If you have any critical jobs pls. let us know in advance, so we deliver you an ermergeny host! Regards RPS-Team.

Due to more and more customer requests, we added an additional request interface: SOAP! For some developer this seems to be "aged", but as many enterprise subscribers need it, we decided to include it! It's suporting SOAP 1.1 more details can be found within our guide section.

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50+ sources from all over the world! For instance:

  • US Denied Parties
  • EU Sanctions List
  • Multiple National Banks
  • and more...

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Restricted Party Screening is built upon the latest leading open source technologies!

The search engine is based upon elastic search, which is used by big global acting companies like SCOUT24, mozilla or SONY.

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